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"It's been a pleasure getting to work with Josh Levin, a filmmaker who understands the intricate nature of releasing films theatrically and on DVD. While at Film Movement, Josh has provided exceptional insight into the changing marketplace of foreign language and arthouse films."

Rich Lim, Producer of Beautiful Losers and Executive Producer of Favela Rising, winner, Best Documentary Feature, International Documentary Association

Cape Wind






The Fight for the Future
of Power in America

Cape Wind: The Fight for the Future of Power in America is a feature-length documentary about the high-stakes battle which erupted in 2001 when entrepreneur Jim Gordon proposed a massive wind farm five miles off the coast of Cape Cod. Opposed from the outset by politicians he thought would be allies, including the Kennedys, Gordon finds his plan in limbo eight years and $40 million later. The fate of the project now rests in the hands of President Obama.

The film translates the furor that envelops Cape Cod into a story of national significance with critical implications for the future of power generation in the U.S. The story is told through the perspectives of key players and explores their inner workings, motivations, and strategies as they fight the fight, fully consumed by their struggle. The film features interviews with powerful players, such as Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Theodore Roosevelt, IV.

Fundamentally, the film is a provocative, ground-level look at how our energy future is being decided. It challenges popular notions of energy consumption and production, arguably the most significant crisis facing America.

Cape Wind: The Fight for the Future of Power in America is written, produced, and directed by Robbie Gemmel and Daniel Coffin of Rebirth Productions in association with Sundance Channel, which will broadcast the film in the United States and Canada in late 2010.