Content is king. During this tumultuous period in media distribution and consumption, that old saying has never been more apt. Gallant Films has therefore entered into the new world of film production.

What is a producer? These days, the title ?producer? is extremely fluid and has a slightly different meaning with each film project. In the broadest sense, the ?producers? of a film bring together all of the ingredients necessary for making a movie (funding, story/screenplay, director, actors, technical staff, locations, etc.), but different people with the title of producer fulfill different roles in different films.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, Gallant Films has focused on production financing as the role we can best fill in the production matrix. Simply put, we work to get filmmakers the financial support they need to make their art. Funding for documentaries comes from a variety of sources, including commissions from broadcasters, pre-sales of rights to foreign territories, foundation grants, private investors and (for films from many countries outside the U.S.) government support.

We focus on small-budget ($1 million or under) documentary projects, with great success!