The US media marketplace is flooded with content, and the battle for people’s attention is fierce. How can filmmakers get their projects noticed, especially when funds are tight and offers from big studios are rare?

Sifting through the many, many options for marketing and distributing films is daunting, and making the wrong choices can be extremely costly. Therefore, working with an experienced distribution executive makes sense.

Josh Levin of Gallant Films specializes in getting “hard-to-market” films released. He has brought more than 30 award-winning independent, foreign and documentary films to the US marketplace – from multi-city theatrical runs to DVD premieres, and everything in between. He can show you how to find the right distribution partners, stretch a small marketing budget to maximize your reach, and position your work to best find its audience.

Among the services Josh Levin provides:

Other consultants charge $5,000 and up just to review a new project. However, we're well aware that most new filmmakers have put so much of their resources towards making the film that they cannot pay such high prices. Therefore, our rates are much more flexible. Services start at only $999.

For more information about how we can help you market your film, please contact Gallant Films and tell us about it!